WP7 //


  • Organization of international workshops.
  • Participation in International Conferences and organization of seminars for dissemination of scientific achievements.
  • Production of a specific CIBIO New-Gen website linked to CIBIO’s own updated website.
  • Publication of booklets for the presentation and publicity of the project achievements.
  • Info days for general public and for Industry & SMEs.
  • Production of a series of 13 TV-documentaries on Biodiversity which will result in a unique project of science dissemination in Portugal as well as in the rest of Europe.



Description of work for Work package 7
This work package aims at broadening and facilitating exchange of scientific experience and knowledge between the supporting partners and the research groups at CIBIO. In addition, this WP will make the scientific advances and findings arising from this project available to the general public. The Work package will be highly supported by the science dissemination group at CIBIO.