WP5 //


  • Twinning with European Experts in the fields of Data collection and state of the art analysis of complex genomic datasets and complementing research areas.
  • Two sided visits between CIBIO’s research groups and the Supporting Partners including knowledge transfer to CIBIO of new technological tools;
  • To actively involve the Steering Committee for Strategy Research for upgrade of capacity of CIBIO’s research and its SWOT update.


Description of work for Work package 5
PI’s from CIBIO and/or experienced staff will be engaged in two-sided visits with European and other international research centers of excellence in specific areas of interest, in order to assure a flow of knowledge to CIBIO. The twinning is intended to have the character of short term scientific missions, allowing for a regular exchange of scientists from our institution with institutes abroad, aiming to maximize impact and quality of our research. The twinning will, in addition, allow to establishing new collaborations during the duration of the project.