WP3 //


  • To recruit a “Head of New Bioinformatics Core Group.”
  • To install a “Genomics factory” at CIBIO with enough capacity on hardware and software.



Description of work for Work package 3
The development of ‘omic science, transcriptomics, metabolomics, proteomics, and whole genome SNP-omics, has in many ways come full circle with a new focus on software and algorithm development. Especially NGS data collection requires expertise in bioinformatics to ensure appropriate, state of the art data analysis. Given the vast amount of data that will be produced, CIBIO needs to hire Bioinformatics experts for supporting a bioinformatics core group and develop research, sound data storage and management solutions and creating informatics tools to effectively analyze the data derived from the Next-Gen sequencing. Acquisition will be made of a “Genomics Factory”, consisting of computer capacity for both data storage and analysis, as well as Software licenses.