WP2 //


  • To acquire Next Generation equipment with medium throughput capacity as a complement to the machine purchased under WP1, to carry out competitive projects in the field.
  • To acquire accessory equipment and computer infrastructure to optimize the analytical capacity for the new applications.
  • Recruitment of one experienced researcher/engineer.





Description of work for Work package 2

CIBIO aims to purchase a Next Generation sequencing equipment with medium throughput capacity complementary to the high capacity machine (WP1). The system should be suited among other things for de novo sequencing of small genomes and transcriptomes, and metagenomic characterization of complex samples. The equipment is intended to allow optimal use of the high through put platform under WP 1 by providing longer read length for marker discovery and missing information for genomic analysis. In addition the platform will allow stand-alone analyses in a genomics and genetic diversity context. CIBIO will in addition purchase supplementary standard laboratory equipment and specialized accessories to fully capitalize the potential of the New Gen platforms. One research scientist with extensive post-doctoral work experience and skilled in the chosen technology will be recruited.