WP1 //


  • To achieve Illumina equipment capacity for carrying out competitive projects in the field of genome sequencing and deep sequencing by the purchase of state-of-art equipment.
  • To achieve higher research capacity in field by recruitment of an experienced researcher.



Description of work for Work package 1


CIBIO will select and purchase the most flexible solution for a broad menu of applications, including large scale whole-genome analysis, de novo sequencing, and metagenomics. The new equipment will support on-going research on metagenetics using traditional molecular loci (e.g. ribosomal rRNA); the effect of anthropogenic disturbance on specific habitat communities; participation in several “International Genome Initiatives”. Additionally, it will be applied to genetic diversity estimates using SNP analysis, comparative sequencing of e.g. whole mitochondrial genomes and emerging techniques for comparative methods like RAD markers.

The equipment will be installed as central facility at CIBIO serving all CIBIO researchers, organized by the work package leader under close collaboration with the leaders of work package 2 and 3 to ensure a smooth integration of the equipment with computer installation, as well as by staff responsible for day to day routine appointed by the Coordinator. One research scientist with extensive post-doctoral work experience and skilled in the chosen technology will be recruited. This scientist will be involved in collaborative research project of CIBIO, as well as involving at least one strategic partner when applicable.