Project impact //

Overall this project contributes to revert the brain drain in the North of Portugal, a significant upgrade of the scientific infrastructure, and hence boosting the economical development in this region. More specifically for CIBIO this will mean:


  1. CIBIO's already established European and world wide research network can be further reinforced and expanded through the renovated capacity/improved research excellence that this project provides;
  2. Upgrading the RTD capacities and capabilities will significantly improve the research carried out at CIBIO;
  3. The implementation of CIBIO-New-gen platform and expertise will attract the interest of many players in the region/country. In particular other research institutes, Universities, industry and SME biotech companies;
  4. The improvement of research capacities at CIBIO will further increase the institute’s contribution of novel knowledge and technologies to regional authorities and private entities;
  5. CIBIO has already several contracts with enterprises and other public and private entities in for example the areas of ecological inventory and monitoring, biodiversity management and conservation, environmental impact assessment and natural resources valorization. The research Excellence, renovated capacity and new bioinformatics capacity that this project is making available, will open up for further contracts in this area, and make the project sustainable for the future.