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Next Generation Sequencing Info Afternoon @ CIBIO-InBIO







14.30 | Conclusion of the NewGen project (FP7) - Capacity building at CIBIO using NGS
            Fredrik Oxelfelt, CIBIO-InBIO


14.45 - 16.10 | Talks on NGS applications


            The Cork Oak sequencing project
            José Matos, INIAV and Marcos Ramos, CEBAL, Politécnico de Beja


            Albano Beja Pereira, CIBIO-InBIO


            Using NGS to understand genome reticulation and adaptive phenotypes challenged by climate change
            José Melo Ferreira, CIBIO-InBIO


            Conservation and evolutionary genomics of the shad species, Alosa alosa (Savél) and A. fallax (Savelha) in

            Portugal and throughout Eurasia

            Stephen Sabatino, CIBIO-InBIO


            Marine Genomics
            Ester Serrão and Gareth Pearson, CCMAR, University of Algarve






16.30 | The beginning/kick-off of the ERA Chair in Environmental Metagenomics, EnvMetaGen – Horizon 2020 –


            Pedro Beja, CIBIO-InBIO


17.00 - 18.00 | ERA Chair-related presentations


            How faecal genomics will help us understanding the world: new insights on the ecology and ecosystem services

            provided by bats

            Hugo Rebelo, CIBIO-InBIO


            DNA barcoding of Portuguese terrestrial arthropods using NGS: present status and future directions of an ongoing


            Joana Paupério, CIBIO-InBIO


            Biodiversity monitoring and ecological assessment of freshwaters with metagenomic tools
            Ana Filipa Filipe, CIBIO-InBIO






Participation in this event is free and the number of attendees is limited to the capacity of the auditorium.